The increase in the period of operation of industrial machinery

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Thermal imaging inspection, testing and diagnostics

as well as the analysis of thermograms

The purpose of the analysis of thermal processes in induction-metallurgical hardening, as well as for diagnostics of technological equipment and detection of heat losses Corporation "Splav-LTD" has successfully applied advanced infrared camera (thermal imager).


The use of a thermal imaging camera to monitor the process of hardening of the IC allows you to control the degree of heating of the hardened surfaces for rapid adjustment of the process parameters and obtain the desired properties of the deposited layer.



Analysis of images (thermograms) obtained with the use of a thermal imager, allows to build a graph of thermal cycles in any of the heated surface.

Applications infrared camera:

  • inspection of buildings;

  • diagnosis of power distribution systems;

  • diagnostics-plant networks;

  • diagnosis of mechanical systems;

  • monitoring technology
    processes and systems

  • construction, etc.

Our specialists are ready to conduct a thermal imaging survey, to generate a report on identified deviations and make recommendations for their elimination.

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(499) 262-6110

If you have any questions? Call us!

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