The increase in the period of operation of industrial machinery

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Plates and wedges buffers

Traction clamps

Shoes brake

Suspension pendulum

Railway industry

In accordance with the requirements of Normative documents of Ministry of Railways, Railways and local regulations of railway rolling stock shall be equipped with parts increased resource with the aim of reducing operating costs, increasing time between repairs of rolling stock, ensure the level of reliability of technical means, especially the most critical components, the failure of which could lead to violations of the requirements of traffic safety.

Application of induction-metallurgical method (IC) for hardening and restoration of parts and nodes in the railway industry allows:




operational costs for the maintenance of rolling stock


the rejections in the scrap metal parts shock and traction devices in the production of scheduled repairs due to excessive wear, which leads to reduction in the need to purchase new parts


the overhaul mileage of nodes (pulling faces, pulling clamps, etc.) of railway rolling stock

up to 1 million car-kilometres and more



the number of detaching of wagons and locomotives in unscheduled repairs


time of idle rolling stock in repair


logistical resources needed to repair items due to the little wear of the hardened layer in the process of operation

Developed in Corporation LTD "Splav-LTD" mechanized complexes for surfacing induction-metallurgical method semiconductor high-frequency generators allow the whole complex of works in the area of 10 m




The process of surfacing IC

The Application of IC is allowed on the following parts

railway rolling stock

Coupler with lock

and Lockholders (up to 14 faces)


Centering the ravine

Details of the Central cradle suspension: traction, ear-rings, backup washer, rollers.

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