The increase in the period of operation of industrial machinery

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Development and manufacture of mechanized

systems aggregates for surfacing IC and under a wide range of specific customer requirements


Corporation "Splav-LTD" for their own needs designed and manufactured specialized mobile mechanized complexes (manipulators) for the production of works on induction-metallurgical hardening (IC) components of the equipment.

Manipulators allow movement of the parts in all planes, management and production of surfacing works are carried out by one operator-heat-treater.




The entire complex for production work occupies an area of 10 m.




For surface hardening method of the IC on the existing production sites feature developed manipulators, the opening of new mechanical repair areas in terms of Your production, as well as the design and manufacture of new technological systems for Your production with respect to its specific You can contact the company Corporation "Splav-LTD"

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