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Metal cladding oil additives

Modification of diesel oil ORGANOMETALLIC additives is one of the ways of realization of the effect of businessnot, i.e. creation on a loaded pair almost wearless friction.

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The use of oil additives allows to:


  • solve the problem "hydrogen wear"
  • "heal" the damaged surface friction
  • reduce the coefficients of friction 20 times.


Новые смазки способны обеспечить подавление водородного износа в нагруженных парах трения за счет реализации в зоне контактного взаимодействия явления избирательного переноса при трении (эффекта безызносности).


When the friction pair with ORGANOMETALLIC additives on surfaces with higher friction surface there is the appearance of the protective films is about 0.5-1 μm.


Tests have proven that the used oil additives is able to "heal" the damage in the friction zone. "Healed" surface capable of working to high pressures (20 MPa) with low rate of wear.






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