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Question: What parts (surfaces) you can restore or strengthen the induction-metallurgical method?


Answer: Induction-metallurgical method (IC) recovery and hardening is applied on the surfaces of various steel parts subject to heavy wear dry friction in heavy modes of loading.



Question: How thick is deposited stiffener?


Answer: Induction – metallurgical method allows applying a wear layer of 0.2 mm to 3 mm in one pass. If necessary it is possible to perform welding in two or more layers.



Question: What materials are used to obtain a stiffener?


Answer: To obtain a reinforcing layer is applied surfacing charge representing a mechanical mixture of wear resistant alloys and the corresponding fluxes in certain proportions. All used materials are certified for quality.



Question: In which regions do you work?


Answer: Our production sites operate in several regions of Russia. For availability of the production base in Your region or the possibility of creating new sites, You may contact the telephone number listed in the "Contacts" section.



Question: To what temperature heats the filler item? What is heat?


Answer: The temperature in the zone bath surfacing does not exceed 1300ºС, which in turn minimizes the burning of alloying elements. Wear-resistant layer on the surface of the part formed by the melting of the charge currents of high frequency.



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