The increase in the period of operation of industrial machinery

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Agricultural industry

Working bodies of agricultural machinery work in specific conditions (alternating loads, shock, abrasion, corrosion) that causes rapid dull their cutting edges, changing the shape, profile and downsizing, leading to a reduction of the service life, increase the time and effort required for maintenance of cultivating machines and decrease overall economic efficiency of production.

To increase the resource, improvement of physico-mechanical characteristics of the working bodies of agricultural machinery and improve the wear resistance, their surface is subjected to hardening induction-metallurgical method(hardening of the IC).



Uniformly high hardness of the deposited layer and its structure during hardening IC allow for longer operation reinforced body without replacement, and the broader the boundary between the main structural material and the deposited solid layer is to reduce the probability of failure, peeling the reinforcing material and to increase the resistance to shock loads.

Hardening IC allows to obtain a hardened working bodies of agricultural machinery with technological characteristics superior to those of new parts on the wear resistance of 1.3-2.6 times (depending on the controlled parameter).

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The durability of the working bodies of agricultural machinery: paws cultivators and seed drills, chisel plowshares, hammers of kormodrobilok, etc., is strongly dependent on the homogeneity of the structure of the deposited layer and the condition of the boundary section with the base metal.

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